Welcome all to my page.  I hope that you find something that you like.  If you do not but you have an idea that you would like to see made just for you please contact me.  Enjoy.

Going to be starting some new earrings


                  Here is my first blog.  This is exciting.  I hope that people like the stuff that i do.  I am working on these really pretty tear drop earrings.  They are purple, and white.  Making jewelry is so much fun for me.  People laugh at me because i am a big person but i work with such small beads and tools.  All i know is i have tons of fun.  The tear drop earings are hard to make and i am think about selling a pair for 15 dollars.  They are long and very pretty.  Cant wait to get pictures up for you all to see.  I hope people will like them.  If you like them and you wanna have them done in a different color or you want a watch to go with it let me know i can match everything with the earrings.  They are very fashionable.  Thanks for reading.



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Any and all donations are going to help with new supplies

For now i am going to just have donations up right now soon I will have a good shopping cart with pictures of everything that i have.  Thanks to any who might donate to my cause.  Please let me know if you donate via email so i can send you something special in the mail